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Our Warehouse
Management System

Achieve better control over your inventory anytime, anywhere with our web-based inventory system.

Enjoy real-time updates and stramline your operations for optimized efficiency and success.

How E-FULFILL works


Get in touch with our EFF Consultants for getting an idea of how E-FULFILL works and provide you a quote with a Tailor-Made fulfillment solution        


Receive the inbound stock, process quantity & quality check and store your inventory according to your specifications.


Your inventory will be categorized and listed on the Racks for fulfilment purposes. With our cloud-based WMS software, you have access to your inventory level and reports. 


Customized value-added services such as relabelling, repackaging and more are done by oir professional team according to any of your requests.  


E-FULFILL covers the Pick, Pack & Delivery process of your products to E-Commerce Merchants, Brands, Distributors or overseas customers’ doorsteps through our own delivery fleet or with other last-mile providers that accommodate your preferences!


E-commerce Warehouse Storage Service

Inbound, Storage, Pick & Pack and Last Mile Delivery 
One Stop E-commerce Logistics Services 

Monthly Sotrage starts from $88

1 Cubic Meter


*$480 / CBM

*First 6 months exclusive offer for new registration

1 Storage Box


*$88 / Box

*First 6 months exclusive offer for new registration


  Inbound Arragement     Basic Inspection 

  Stock Taking      24/7 CCTV Surveillance

 FULL Inventory Record     Inventory Report                             

*New registration can enjoy exclusive offer until 31st DEC 2023

E-commerce Fulfillment Service

Fulfillment Service

Plan A
Plan B
Suitable for:
Multiple items per order
Single item per order
Basic fee:
HKD $8 / Order(Include  3items Pick & Pack )
HKD $2.98 /pc
Subsequent Item:
HKD $1 /pc
Packaging Material:
Bubble Wrap & Courier Bag
Bubble Wrap & Courier Bag
e.g. 1 item per order
HKD $8
HKD $2.98
e.g. 5 items per order
HKD$8+$2= $10
HKD $14.9
e.g. 10 items per order
HKD$8+$7= $15
HKD $29.8

Service Scope:

- Leaflet Insertion

- Customized Packaging

- Labelling

- Printing Shipping Documents

  - Postal Shipment

- Arrange 3PL Courier / Express

- Manage Returns parcels

- Send Trackings via Email/SMS

International Courier Service

System Integration(API)


Automated E-commerce order management 

‧ Convert sales order to delivery order

‧ Order status update automation

‧ 1-click synchronize product information

‧ 1-click synchronize customer details

‧ Automated sales report generation

Integrate your shop with E-FULFILL

Logistics Service

With more than 20 years of Logistics Experience, E-FULFILL is capable of providing Door to Door transportation, receiving & delivering pallets and unloading from containers. Charges depend on particular circumstances. Please contact us for an instant quote.

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